F2 Mini Wireless Computer Card Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker

Color: Silver
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Mini Wireless Computer Card Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker

Product Features:

  1. Bluetooth Playback: Enjoy wireless audio streaming and playback from your Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing convenience and flexibility.

  2. Hands-Free Calling: The speaker features a built-in high-definition noise reduction microphone, allowing you to make and receive hands-free calls without needing to pick up your phone.

  3. TF Card Playback: Play your favorite music directly from a TF card, providing an additional source of audio content.

  4. U Disk Playback: Connect a U disk to the speaker to access and play your stored music files.

  5. AUX Playback: The speaker supports AUX input, allowing you to connect it to various audio sources via a 3.5mm cable.

Bluetooth Version: The speaker utilizes Bluetooth version 5.0, ensuring stable and efficient wireless connectivity with your devices.

Diaphragm Specifications: The speaker's diaphragm measures 50x65 mm, contributing to its sound quality and performance.

Frequency Response: The speaker offers a frequency response ranging from 60Hz to 16KHz, delivering a wide range of audio frequencies for a well-balanced sound.

Charging Parameters: It charges using 5V/0.7A, providing a convenient and standard charging method.

Battery Capacity: The speaker is equipped with a 2000mAh battery, offering a long battery life of up to 4-6 hours of continuous playtime.


  1. Material Technology: Constructed with ABS material technology, the speaker is durable and designed to withstand everyday use.

  2. Long Battery Life: The speaker's large capacity battery ensures extended playtime, making it ideal for extended listening sessions.

  3. High Power and Strong Bass: Despite its compact size, the speaker delivers high power and robust bass, enhancing your music and audio experience.

  4. 3.5mm Cable Compatibility: You can connect the speaker to various devices using a standard 3.5mm audio cable for flexible connectivity options.

  5. One-Key Switching of Multiple Modes: The speaker offers easy and intuitive mode switching with a single button press, enhancing user convenience.

  6. Product Size: The speaker has a compact size, measuring 230x60x80 mm, making it portable and suitable for various settings.

  7. Product Net Weight: Weighing 540 grams, the speaker strikes a balance between portability and stability.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.66kgs / 1.46lb

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