T900 PRO MXA 1.69 inch LCD Screen Smart Watch

Color: Black
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 T900 PRO MXA 1.69 inch LCD Screen Smart Watch

Discover the extraordinary features of the T900 PRO MXA 1.69" LCD Smart Watch and redefine how you stay connected and active. This smartwatch offers an array of advanced features to enhance your daily life.


  • Bluetooth Calling: Make and receive calls directly from your wrist with seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Multiple Sports Modes: Choose from a range of sports modes to track and improve your athletic performance.

  • HS6620+BK3266 CPU: Experience smooth and efficient operations with this high-performance CPU.

  • 512KB+16M FLASH Memory: Benefit from ample storage for your data and apps.

  • 1.69" COB Capacitive Touch Screen: Enjoy a vivid and responsive touchscreen for easy navigation.

  • 200mAh Battery: Stay powered up throughout the day with long-lasting battery life.

  • 2Pin Thimble Charging: Convenient and secure charging method to keep your smartwatch ready for action.

  • Dual Bluetooth 4.2+5.0: Achieve fast and stable connections with dual Bluetooth technology.

  • Motor: Get real-time notifications and feedback through the built-in motor.

  • Heart Rate Sensor: Monitor your heart rate for a better understanding of your health.

  • Gravity Sensor: Enhance your fitness tracking with the built-in gravity sensor.

  • Fitpro: Utilize the Fitpro app to optimize your smartwatch experience.

  • System Requirements: Compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ and supports multiple languages for global use.

  • Comprehensive Fitness Tracking: Benefit from step counting, distance calculation, calorie tracking, heart rate monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring.

  • Bluetooth Music: Control your music directly from your smartwatch.

  • Temperature Measurement: Stay informed with temperature data.

  • Sleep Monitoring: Understand your sleep patterns and improve your sleep quality.

  • Call & SMS Reminders: Receive call and SMS notifications right on your wrist.

  • Social App Message Notifications: Stay connected with notifications from your favorite social apps.

  • Alarm Clock: Set alarms to manage your schedule effectively.

  • Sedentary Reminder: Get reminders to stay active and avoid prolonged inactivity.

Elevate your smartwatch experience with the T900 PRO MXA 1.69" LCD Smart Watch. It's your ultimate companion for connectivity and fitness, designed to keep you in the loop and help you achieve your wellness goals. Enjoy the convenience and power of a high-performance smartwatch that can do it all!


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