LED Digital Alarm Clock Table Watch

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Color: Black
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Rechargeable Digital Projection Alarm Clock with 180-Degree Rotation and Built-In Mirror for Bedroom or Office

This sleek and modern alarm clock is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a 180-degree rotating LED projector, making it easy to read the time on your ceiling from any position in the room. It also features a built-in mirror for added utility, multiple alarms, and a crisp LED display for time, date, and temperature information. Perfect for both the bedroom and the office, it combines style and functionality seamlessly.


  1. Ceiling Projection: This alarm clock features an LED projector that displays the time on the ceiling with a 180-degree rotation, making it easy to read the time from any position in the room.

  2. Rechargeable: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this alarm clock eliminates the need for constantly replacing batteries. Simply charge it, and enjoy continuous and uninterrupted operation.

  3. Built-In Mirror: The front surface of the clock functions as a utility mirror, making it a practical accessory for your bedroom or office, allowing you to get ready with ease.

  4. Alarm and Snooze Function: Set multiple alarms for your daily needs and use the snooze function to get those extra minutes of sleep every morning.

  5. Crisp LED Display: The LED display on this clock shows the time, date, and temperature clearly and legibly, making it easy to check relevant information.

  6. Sleek Design: With its modern and stylish design, this alarm clock seamlessly fits into any environment, whether in your bedroom or office, adding a touch of style and functionality to your space.


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