USLION Magnetic USB Cable For Smartphone

Color: Black For Micro
Length: 1m
Sonderpreis$5.70 EUR


USLION Magnetic USB Cable: A 360-Degree Rotating Charging Solution for Your Smartphone

Introducing the USLION Magnetic USB Cable – the ultimate charging solution for your smartphone. With a unique 360-degree rotation feature, this cable offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Say goodbye to tangled cords and fumbling with connectors. Experience hassle-free charging with this innovative magnetic cable.


  • 360-Degree Rotation: The magnetic USB cable's ability to rotate 360 degrees ensures that you can charge your smartphone from any angle, providing maximum flexibility.

  • Magnetic Connection: The strong magnetic connection ensures a secure and reliable link between your device and the cable, preventing accidental disconnections.

  • Quick and Easy Charging: Say goodbye to the frustration of inserting your cable in the right direction. The magnetic design allows for easy, one-handed connection.

  • Durable Build: The USLION Magnetic USB Cable is built to last, with high-quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Universal Compatibility: This cable is designed to work with a wide range of smartphones, making it a versatile charging solution.

  • Tangle-Free: Keep your workspace neat and organized with this tangle-free cable that eliminates knots and clutter.

Upgrade your charging experience with the USLION Magnetic USB Cable and enjoy the convenience of 360-degree rotation.

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