TWS-M1: True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Magnetic Charging Box

Color: Black
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The TWS-M1 earphones are a premium audio solution that combines true wireless convenience with advanced features. Here's a brief overview of the key highlights:


  1. True Wireless Freedom: These earphones offer true wireless connectivity, ensuring a cord-free listening experience for maximum mobility.

  2. Magnetic Charging Box: The earphones come with a magnetic charging box that securely holds and charges them, ensuring they are always ready to use.

  3. Memory Connection: The earphones support memory connection, so they can effortlessly reconnect to your device once paired, providing convenience and time savings.

  4. Crystal Clear Calls: Enjoy high-quality calls with the built-in call function, delivering clarity and precision during phone conversations.

  5. Battery Display Function: The earphones feature a battery display function, so you can easily monitor the remaining charge, ensuring you're never caught with a dead battery.

The TWS-M1 earphones are the ideal choice for those who demand convenience, crystal-clear sound, and versatile features in their wireless audio experience. Whether you're on a call or enjoying your favorite music, these earphones offer the performance and functionality you need.

Certificate CE , ROHS
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