T11 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player with LED Display, Support Double USB Charge & Handsfree & TF Card & U Disk Music Play Function

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T11 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player: Drive Smart, Stay Connected

Transform your car into a smart hub of connectivity and entertainment with the T11 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player. Stay safe, answer calls, enjoy high-quality music, and more on the go.


  1. Bluetooth Hands-Free: Answer calls safely with a built-in microphone for hands-free communication.

  2. CVC Noise and Wind Suppression: Enjoy full-duplex sound quality with noise and wind suppression technology.

  3. A2DP Function: Stream high-quality music directly from your phone through Bluetooth.

  4. Dual USB Outputs: Charge Android, iPhone, or other devices with dual USB output at 5V 2.1A (Max).

  5. FM Transmitter: Choose from 206 frequency channels (87.5MHz to 108MHz) for seamless connectivity.

  6. Music Playback Options: Play music from TF cards, U Disks, or auxiliary input with support for MP3, WMA, and WAV formats.

  7. LED Digital Display: Stay informed with a clear LED digital display.

  8. Bluetooth Controls: Answer, hang up, reject calls, and redial with convenient Bluetooth controls.

  9. Auto Connection: Your mobile phone automatically connects when the device is powered on, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The T11 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player is your ultimate driving companion, enhancing safety, entertainment, and connectivity while on the road. Stay connected, enjoy high-quality music, and navigate with ease with this versatile car accessory. Drive smart and stay in control with the T11.

Package Include
Package Contents 1 x Manual
1 x Car FM Transmitter
1 x Audio Cable
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.32kgs / 0.70lb
One Package Size 11.6cm * 6.1cm * 5.5cm / 4.57inch * 2.4inch * 2.17inch

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