FOETOR K3 Wireless Keyboard

Color: Black
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FOETOR K3 Wireless Keyboard

  1. 2.4GHz Wireless Technology, 30m Long-Distance Connection: This keyboard utilizes 2.4GHz wireless technology, allowing for a connection of up to 30 meters. This provides great flexibility and convenience, especially in environments where you need to move around while working.

  2. Mute Button to Avoid Disturbing Others: The keyboard is designed with mute buttons that minimize typing noise. This is particularly useful if you work in a shared environment or an open office, as you won't disturb others with loud key clicks.

  3. Intelligent Power-Saving Mode: The keyboard features an intelligent power-saving mode that ensures extended battery life. If it's not used for eight minutes, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode. If left unused for half an hour, it will go into a deep sleep state. This helps conserve battery when the keyboard is not in use and extends battery or charge life.

  4. USB Receiver, Plug and Play: The keyboard connects via a USB receiver, making setup and use a breeze. Simply plug the receiver into an available USB port on your computer, and the keyboard will be ready to go.

  5. Comfortable Typing Experience: The keyboard is designed to provide a comfortable typing experience. The keys have a pleasant tactile feel, making typing for extended periods of time comfortable and fatigue-free. The key layout is also standard and familiar, making the transition from other keyboards straightforward.

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One Package Weight 0.53kgs / 1.17lb

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